Flowers that make everyone happy

Flowers. They are a vital part of our natural ecosystem and have a positive effect on your health. Which is why we are committed to growing flowers that make people and nature equally happy. Join us on our sustainability journey: follow our progress, our findings, the things we encounter and the challenges we face

Nothing to hide

From the very beginning, bloomon worked differently from the rest. Our chain is considerably shortened. Which ensures that our flowers are fresher than fresh. Next to this, we hardly ever throw away any flowers. We reduce and compensate our CO2 emissions. Bloomon has been climate neutral since 2020, and we don’t plan on stopping there. There is still plenty of work to be done. We would love to take you on our sustainability journey. We share our setbacks as well as any victories. Making sure that everything is transparent. We are working together, and our suppliers’ commitment is therefore just as important as yours, our customer. If we don't hide anything from each other, we can all work together effectively towards creating a more sustainable industry.

What we're working on today

Happy flowers

Together with our growers, we deliver beautiful and strong flowers using far fewer crop protection products.

Happy planet

bloomon is climate neutral: we minimise the CO2 emissions of our bouquets and offset what remains.

Happy people

Flowers make people happy and less stressed. Our mission is to share this flower power with everyone.

Happy workers

We only want to work with growers who offer fair salaries and good working conditions.