Wrapping ideas to make your gifts sparkle and SHINE

Wrapping ideas to make your gifts sparkle and SHINE

Whether it’s a tree covered in twinkling lights, ornate decorations hung from a branch, or a festive wreath that decorates your home, the finishing touch to any cosy Christmas scene is always the presents. And, if like us, you’ve tired of Rudolph paper and plastic bows, here are the bloomon tips and tricks for unforgettable gift wrapping that doesn’t cost the earth.

We like to start with quality recycled paper, with a handmade feel or simple brown kraft paper. Then accessorise the paper with flowers, sprigs of evergreens, and gleaming berries and tie with twine or gold ribbon for some added sparkle. It’s not just a rustic feel that can be achieved with this kind of gift wrapping – pair florals with geometric shapes and bold colour for a clean modern feel.

Fresh flowers

Add a last minute pizazz to any gift by tucking a fresh flower into the ribbon or sticking the stem with (coloured Washi) tape. Try and use flowers that don’t wilt quickly out of water – carnations and chrysanthemums, for example. Limonium or chamelaucium will add a splash of colour.

Dried Flowers

Although drying flowers requires a little prep, they’re well worth it! Turn to your holiday season SHINE bouquet for some flowers that will be ideal for drying or pressing.

The secret to drying flowers is a warm, dry environment – this stops the flowers going mouldy. Hang the flowers upside down by the stem with string. Somewhere like an airing cupboard is ideal or a warm kitchen. Petals kept out of direct sunlight keep their colour better.

To press leaves or flowers, lay them flat between two pieces of paper in a heavy book. Add more books on top to weigh it down for a couple of weeks. The speedy version is to put the flower between two sheets of baking paper and press with an iron for 15 seconds. Make sure there’s no steam! Let it cool, then press again. Repeat this process until the flower is ‘crispy’.

Fragrant foliage

The wonderful thing about using a twigs, sprigs of evergreens, or winter berries in gift wrapping is that they stay looking fresh for days under the tree and dry beautifully. For a subtle festive fragrance add foliage or herbs – eucalyptus, thlaspi, rosemary, thyme, dried citrus, or cinnamon.

Reuse, recycle, repurpose

Why not up the ante by using Furoshiki . It’s a Japanese wrapping technique using fabric instead of paper. It’s elegant and eco-friendly.

We’d love to see your gift-wrapping this holiday season. Share your creations on Instagram and Facebook and use the hashtag #bloomonuk. Spread happiness with flowers.