Our sustainability journey: working towards flowers that make everyone happy

Our sustainability journey: working towards flowers that make everyone happy

Since bloomon was founded in 2014, sustainability has always been an important topic for us. By working together with growers, we plan all our orders ahead and keep our chain small, ensuring less floral waste since 2014 and enabling our customers to enjoy flowers longer. This has reduced the environmental impact of a bloomon bouquet with 40% compared to the traditional flower-chain. A great first step in sustainability, but our hands are itching for a while to take this further. Behind the scenes, we’ve been working hard to upgrade our sustainability and that of the entire sector.

We’ve noticed that it’s not always transparent for consumers to know where their flowers are coming from thus making it hard to make a conscious decision. We really want to show you where our flowers come from and offer you a fair alternative, so you can make an informed choice. From now we’ll take you along on our eco-journey. Not only will we share insights into our fair goals, but also keep you updated on our status quo. Where are we now?

Member of Floriculture Sustainability Initiative

Since the end of 2019, we are a member of Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI). This international initiative makes all other initiatives, quality marks and certificates within the floricultural industry insightful and helps all the parties involved with a more transparent, sustainable and social company management. Such as better labour conditions, equal treatment, use of agrochemical means and sustainable use of water.

The grower-check up

Of all the flowers we use, we want to know exactly where they’re from and which quality marks and certificates they have. We make this insightful for you, so you can always see where your flowers come from. If growers are not completely or insufficiently certified, we need to talk with them first.

The flower-check up

On a regular base, we will test our flowers and bouquets on the use of restricted pesticides by using a leaf residue-test. We often call this the ‘pulp-test’ because we reduce the flowers to a pulp. The flowers are tested according to MPS-standards and our own, even stricter, list.

Measuring and reducing our carbon footprint

Additionally, we will make our carbon footprint insightful with the help of external experts. We will not only look at the journey that the flowers take from grower to your doorstep but also take a closer look at our own office. This way we can monitor exactly where we need to reduce and compensate.

From now on our sustainability-team will post an update on our site regularly. We will make our ambition and goals insightful and keep you up to date about the progress of our plans. So you always know where we are at. Want to know more about our plans or do you have ideas of your own? You can always reach our team via sustainability@bloomon.nl .

You, the growers, bugs and the bees: together towards flowers that make everyone happy!

Bart Troost, CEO bloomon

Want to know more about our sustainability journey? We examined our Christmas and Valentine's bouquets to ensure our quality requirements - the pursuit of the use of fewer pesticides. You can read the results in this blog .