Why these 5 tropical plants bring summer inside

Why these 5 tropical plants bring summer inside

These tropical indoor plants will bring you one step closer to paradise.

These tropical house plants are a match made in heaven with the warm tones and exotic stems in our RESORT summer collection. No green fingers? No problem at all – these houseplants are easily satisfied.

1. Palm

Lean back and listen to the gentle summer breeze blowing through the leaves of a palm tree. Sounds like summer, right? You do not have to go to Ibiza, Mallorca or any other summer destination, you simply get that vibe inside your home. Palms can live perfectly in a household without any botanic wonders: it has no problem standing in the shade and it will forgive you for not watering him for a week.

#ProTip: Palms generally grow very fast. It makes little new leaves, then put your palm closer to the window for more daylight.

palm-left palm-right

2. Pineapple

Pineapple is a word from the Tupi, the language of the Tupi Indians, and means 'excellent fruit'. The Ananas comosus is a true heat enthusiast and it is therefore not surprising that the plant originally comes from Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay.

Tip: Growing your own pineapple is not difficult at all, you just have to know which part you should not throw away after eating the sweet fruit!


3. Monstera

If you really want to go tropical this summer, the Monstera deliciosa is your partner in crime. The ‘hole plant’ naturally loves to climb as high as possible - the thick aerial roots keep the leathery leaves alive. Did you know that one stem can be up to 20 meters long?

#ProTip: the Monstera originates from the jungles of South America and likes a humid environment. Spray the leaves once a week to keep the plant healthy. This giant will express his gratitude in even more (holed) leaves!

monstera-left monstera-right

4. Banana

The special patterns on the leaves of the Musa ensure that you will never get bored with this exotic beauty. The elegant leaves provide a relaxed look - just the inspiration you need on a hot summer day!

#ProTip: Banana plants are very thirsty, so make sure the soil is always damp. In front of the window, this exotic sun worshiper is the most happy.

banana-left banana-right

5. Phlebodium

It may not look like it, but the phlebodium is really a species of fern. The Latin word phelbs means ‘nerf’ and the shape of the plant shows you why. Besides that the phlebodium is very nice on your bedside table or in the bathroom, a single branch is the perfect partner in crime of flowers in our RESORT bouquet!

#ProTip : water the Phlebodium on the side of the plant. If you do this in the middle, it can cause a bald heart.

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