Why the Bio-bouquet is worth the wait

Why the Bio-bouquet is worth the wait

Our goal? Organic flowers throughout the year!

We’re still blushing. From June until September, we sold out our Bio-bouquet in no-time in both The Netherlands and Belgium. Unfortunately, it’s taking a bit longer for us to launch in the UK. But we have some good news for you: from June 2021 we will be launching the Bio-bouquets in the UK too! Why is it taking so long you might ask? Well, of course, we prefer to offer the Bio-bouquet sooner. In all sizes and styles. But let us take you along our journey, from quality labels, certified growers and so on, and explain what it takes to harvest sustainable success.

What makes the Bio-bouquet such a hit?

Each edition of the Bio-bouquet brings a bit of nature indoors. Sometimes even quite literally. You might find a little bug on a leaf. The Bio-bouquet is entirely composed of organically certified flowers and grown naturally, in soil and without pesticides. We’ve even thought of the packaging: the bouquet is delivered in a box made of recycled cardboard. Don’t get us started on the appearance of this bouquet; it’s gorgeous. The Bio-bouquet has adorned many dinner nooks, tables, desks and coffee tables. Even with the high demand, the offer is still limited. And we really mean limited.

Bio-bos blommen met biologische bloemen

Growing organic flowers

Of the total surface in the Netherlands used for floriculture, about less than 0.1% is used for organic flowers. Additionally, growing organic flowers is very time-consuming. Manually removing weeds costs a lot of time, according to our growers. Also, the growers don’t use artificial manure, making the flowers grow less rapidly. Nonetheless, the Bio-bouquet is worth the wait.

biologische bloemen kweken bloomon bio-bos

Bringing bio to full bloom

The open arms with which the Bio-bouquet was received, shows that there’s a real demand for organic flowers. The growers who work with us are also optimistic about the corporation. Together, we have a lot of plans for the coming year. Eventually, we want to work towards a growing offering of organic flowers. We hope to inspire the flower industry to become more sustainable. Our goal? A stable and more significant annual purchase of organic flowers. We are making it possible for you to not only have a Bio-bouquet on your table in June but throughout the year. Your wish for the Bio-bouquet makes this possible. We thank you!

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