What’s fresh? Towering spring stems!

What’s fresh? Towering spring stems!

A look at some seasonal stems you’ll find in our bouquets this week. These flowers are part of ATELIER, our spring bouquet collection inspired by the way artists create with colour. These towering, colourful spring flowers are the pièce de résistance to your home, office, or atelier!

Freesia ‘Mandarine’ (1)

Bursting with bright-orange cheerfulness and a super-sweet fragrance, this bubbly funnel-shaped flower has something extra special: double the number of petals. Part of family Iridaceae (same as iris), the genus name Freesia originated as a tribute to the friendship between the botanists Christian P Ecklon and Friedrich H T Freese.

Brodiaea Twilight (2)

From a pretty tangled beginning involving classification, reclassification, and renaming, blooms the brodiaea. Affectionately known as ‘cluster lily’. This herbaceous perennial, part of family Asparagaceae, earns its nickname from the slender and elegant shaped florets that grow, well… in clusters.

Eremurus (3)

Believe it or not, this large plume of florets is in the same family as lilies! One species, Eremurus robustus , can grow over 3 metres, making it one of the tallest flowers on the planet! The genus Eremurus derives from the Greek ‘ eremia ’, meaning desert and ‘ oura ’, meaning tail. It’s two common names seem to be a mix of both: foxtail lily and desert candle.

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