What’s fresh? These flowers to help you find your FLOW

What’s fresh? These flowers to help you find your FLOW

A look at the seasonal flowers you’ll find in some of our bouquets over the next couple of weeks. They’ll add beauty and balance to your home this winter.

Antirrhinum ‘Potomac Dark Orange’ (1)

Antirrhinum is a genus of flowering plant commonly known as snapdragons. It gets this name because of the resemblance the flowerhead has to a dragon’s mouth opening and closing if you squeeze it laterally – if you use your imagination a little! The ‘Potomac Dark Orange’ adds some fiery colour and height to your bouquet. To encourage the buds to bloom right to the top, pluck the top 3-5 cm off the stem.

Ageratum ‘Blue Horizon’ (2)

This delightful flower is commonly known as floss flower and it’s easy to see why with its pom-poms of colour and thread-like petals. Ageratum houstonianum flowerheads are borne in dense clustered corymbs – a botanical term for when multiple stems grow and fan out, with the outer stems longer so as to bring all flowers to a common level, sort of like an umbrella.

Alstroemeria ‘Charmelia Pink’ (3)

Alstroemeria are part of the Alstroemeriaceae family. This family of flowering plants hails almost entirely from the Americas. This new cultivar is hardier than a normal alstroemeria, it keeps its colour and petals and can last 3 weeks in your vase (with regular changing of water!). Charmelia is graceful, with fountain-like stems that grow upwards with a pretty floral crown. The more it blooms, the pinker the petals.

Eryngium ‘Sirius Questar’ (4)

This Sirius Questar eryngium variety, commonly referred to as a thistle, adds unique texture to any bouquet. It’s also referred to as Sea Holly, as it’s native to most European coastlines. During Elizabethan times in England, eryngium was thought to be a powerful aphrodisiac – Shakespeare even wrote it into ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ (character: Falstaff; Act 5, scene 5).

“Let the sky rain potatoes;

Let it thunder to the tune of Green-sleeves,

Hail kissing-comfits and snow eringoes Sea Holly ,

Let there come a tempest of provocation.”

  1. Antirrhinum ‘Potomac Dark Orange’
  2. Ageratum ‘Blue Horizon’
  3. Alstroemeria ‘Charmelia Pink’
  4. Eryngium ‘Sirius Questar’

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