What’s fresh? The first flowers of spring!

What’s fresh? The first flowers of spring!

A look at the seasonal flowers you’ll find in some of our bouquets over the next couple of weeks. These Golden-girl flowers are part of ATELIER , our new spring collection. Inspired by modern artists in our community, ATELIER is our most creative collection yet !

Craspedia (1)

Truly a little ball of sunshine! Craspedias are cheerfully known as ‘Billy Buttons’ or ‘Woolly Heads’ and are native to sunny Australia and New Zealand. Closely related to the daisy (family Asteraceae), it’s hard not get into the swing of spring when looking at this spherical bloom. It may be small, but it’s mighty – it’s not sensitive to ethylene gas (emitted by ripening fruit) and it’s a perfect flower to dry. It keeps it bright colour!

Salix golden curls (2)

Like little Goldy Locks as she wanders into the house of the three bears, this twisting ornamental willow branch spells out mischief. Twisting and turning in unexpected ways, Salix matsudana Golden Curls is a striking addition to any arrangement. Known by whimsical names like ‘Corkscrew’ and ‘Curly’ and native to northeastern China, the species Salix matsudana is actually named after a Japanese botanist, Sadahisa Matsuda .

Chasmanthe floribunda orange (3)

Part of the Iridaceae family, the common names of this bright orange flower are as exotic as its origin. Known as the African Flag, Lion’s Paw, or Cobra Lily, the Chasmanthe floribunda is endemic to the winter-rainfall regions of South Africa. Named after the Latin floribundus , meaning ‘producing many flowers’, the striking flowerheads a reminiscent of cobras with their flared hood and tubular shape. Even the stamens look like a protruding snake tongue!

Solidago Golden Glory (4)

Hark the Solidago in all its bright yellow glory! This perennial flower, found in the wild growing happily in meadows and prairies in North America, is part of the Aster family (daisies). The genus Solidago comes from the Latin verb solidare , “to make whole.” Goldenrod, as it’s nicknamed, has a very long history of medicinal use and, contrary to belief, doesn’t significantly trigger hayfever. Welcome spring!

  1. Craspedia
  2. Salix golden curls
  3. Chasmanthe orange
  4. Solidago Golden Glory

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