What’s fresh? Summer lovin’ flowers

What’s fresh? Summer lovin’ flowers

Bouvardia, Alstroemeria, Cosmos, Veronicastrum

See what’s in bloom in some of our bouquets this week. Colourful cosmos, elegant veronicastrum, dancing alstroemeria and perfect-pink bouvardia. Bring the sunshine in!

These flowers are part of RESORT, our summer bouquet collection inspired by sunny beaches and chic getaways.

Bouvardia ‘Princie’ (1)

The square bouvardia buds remind us of square cut diamonds, shimmering in apple-blossom pink. Bouvardia is part of family Rubiaceae, along with 50 other plants native to Mexico and Central America. Bouvardias are heavy drinkers. As it’s warm, cut the stem at a sharp angle refresh the water in your vase every other day.

Alstroemeria ‘Ballet’ (2)

Alstroemeria, with its tell-tale tiger stripes, is known as Peruvian lilies and native to South America. In true ballet dancer spirit, alstroemeria petals grow upside down, twisting as they grow. They’ve got a tropical feel, and with a vase-life of two-weeks or more with proper care, the summer vibes are here to stay!

Cosmos (3)

A silent front-runner of summer flowers, Cosmos bipinnatus is a demure beauty that deserves some attention. Part of the mega-family Asteraceae (daisy, sunflower), cosmos or ‘Mexican aster’ is native to well… Mexico. The genus name comes from the Greek ‘kosmos’, meaning harmony and balance. Symbolising peace and love, this stunner evokes only the best summer lovin’ vibes.

Veronicastrum (4)

What do you get when you cross veronica with an aster? Veronicastrum. One of the most elegant flowers around. What makes Veronicastrum virginicum attractive? Long spires with whorls of leaves, a candelabra of mini-flowers, topped off with a nectar-rich pastel-coloured spear. What. A. Beauty!

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