What’s fresh? Summer flowers in seaside hues

What’s fresh? Summer flowers in seaside hues

Peony, triteleia, delphinium, germini

See what’s in bloom in some of our bouquets this week. Perfect peonies, ocean-blue delphinium and triteleia, and beach house pink mini gerberas. Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside!

These flowers are part of RESORT, our summer bouquet collection inspired by sunny beaches and chic getaways.

Peony ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ (1)

Who was Sarah Bernhardt? An iconic French stage actress who was one of the first to star in motion pictures with sound. She had an extraordinary talent for tragic drama and famously slept in a coffin to better understand tragedy. Like its namesake, this peony is all beauty and melodrama – enormous double flowers in blush pink, a sweet perfume, and a long, elegant stem.

Whilst we all wish we could have peonies every day, the end of June signals the end of the peony season. Good news – summertime means more beautiful flowers than ever!

Triteleia ‘Aquarius’ (2)

Seaside vibes! Aquarius is a fairly new cultivar with scented, double lilac-blue flowers. Triteleia is part of the asparagus family ( Asparagaceae ) and is often called triplet lily. Although not a true lily, it's truly long-lasting – lasting three weeks if kept cool and out of all-day direct sunlight.

Germini ‘Kimsey’ (3)

Uncoincidentally, this candy pink germini (family Asteraceae ) is the same colour as La muralla Roja , which inspired this summer bouquet. To classify as the pocket-sized little sister of the gerbera, stems must be less than 9 cm.

Delphinium ‘Volkenfrieden’ (4)

Delphiniums get their name from delphis, the Latin for dolphin because the nectary looks like a dolphin's fin. In irresistible deep ocean blue, Volkenfrieden is an exotic addition to your summer bouquet.

Flower care tip : Refresh your vase water and retrim stems every three days. Remember, wash your hands after cutting delphinium stems to avoid ingesting any sap.

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