What’s fresh? Summer flowers bright as sunshine!

What’s fresh? Summer flowers bright as sunshine!

Peonies, solidago, carthamus, achillea

See what’s in bloom in some of our bouquets this week. Golden solidago, tangerine carthamus pom poms, bright coral peonies and canary yellow achillea. Get those sunglasses on! These beautiful summer blooms are as bright as the sun.

These flowers are part of RESORT, our summer bouquet collection inspired by sunny beaches and chic getaways.

Peonia ‘Coral Sunset’ (1)

Family Paeoniaceae has one proud genus member: Paeonia. From a tight bud to a bloom as big as a cabbage, a true show peony is the amazing colour-changing Coral Charm. Marvel at how the petals change from salmon pink to coral to yellow in your vase.

The end of June signals the end of peony season. And whilst we all wish it could be peony season every day, summertime means more beautiful, brightly coloured blooms than ever. Bring. It. On!

Solidago (2)

Hello, sunshine! Goldenrod is a beaming perennial flower, found growing wild in meadows and prairies in North America. It’s part of family Asteraceae, along with daisies and 32,911 other species. Phew! Solidago derives from the Latin solidare, meaning ‘to make whole’. It’s long been used in medicine and, contrary to belief, doesn’t significantly trigger hay fever.

Carthamus (3)

Cute as a button and bright as a smile, you can’t miss this tangerine pompom. Nor could the Ancient Egyptians. Garlands of carthamus were discovered in Tutankhamun’s tomb! Carthamus tinctora is part of the thistle family and goes by the name safflower and sometimes, 'false saffron'. In addition to its seeds being cultivated for oil, it’s sometimes used as a cheaper saffron substitute.

Achillea (4)

Continuing with the sunshine-yellow theme, meet aromatic Achillea millefolium, known as yarrow. Part of the big old Asteraceae family and allegedly named after the Spartan hero and Greek demigod Achilles. Achillea has a history of being used to treat all kind of ailments, but we’re contented with it shining brightly in our bouquets!

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