What’s fresh? Sugar-sweet spring flowers

What’s fresh? Sugar-sweet spring flowers

A look at some seasonal stems you’ll find in our bouquets this week. These flowers are part of ATELIER, our spring bouquet collection inspired by the way artists create. These sugar-sweet spring flowers are the cherry on top in your home, office or atelier!

Germini cupcake (1)

Cupcakes and cute mini-flowers. Need we say more? This delectable two-tone germini is a sweet addition to any bouquet. To classify as the decorative little sister of the gerbera, stems must be less than 9 cm. They’re unscented and part of family Asteraceae, along with daisies.

Matthiola (2)

Matthiola is a genus of flowers in family Brassicaceae – otherwise known as the mustard family – but don’t let that fool you. Matthiolas have a rich, sweet fragrance that’s almost nice enough to eat (metaphorically, not literally!). The genus is named in honour of Italian botanist Pietro Andrea Mattioli, who grew Matthiola for medicinal purposes.

Tulipa Wedding Gift (3)

Tulips. The symbol of spring and whose popularity has literally shaped nations (we’re talking about you, Holland!). As a Dutch company, naturally our love for tulips is as rich as their heritage. Our favourite for spring? Tulipa Wedding Gift (Double Late Tulip) with its pink petals unfurling like peonies. This stunning double variety was named in honour of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. What a treat for your bouquet!

Chrysanthemum Santini Doria Pink (4)

Chrysanthemums are part family Compositae (Asteraceae, daisy). Almost all Compositae have a secret – whilst they appear to be a single flower, they’re actually a composite community of florets! And together with a spray variety of chrysanthemum, where a single stem branches out into multiple blooms… that’s a lot of little flowers! The best thing about Chrysanthemums? Their long vase life (learn more about the life cycle of our flowers here).

  1. Germini cupcake
  2. Matthiola
  3. Tulipa Wedding Gift
  4. Chrysanthemum Santini Doria Pink

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