What’s fresh? Spring flowers to spark your imagination!

What’s fresh? Spring flowers to spark your imagination!

A look at some seasonal stems you’ll find in our bouquets this week. These flowers are part of ATELIER, our spring bouquet collection inspired by modern painters, ceramicists, and sculptors. Grab an easel and paintbrush, sculpt a vase, or plant an urban garden – it’s time to spark your imagination with flowers!

Delphinium ajacis (1)

Delphinium ajacis is an annual better known as rocket larkspur. Supposedly, because the flowers resemblance of a lark’s claw. Although, we’re dubious – these apple-blossom pink petals looks soft enough to sleep on! Rocket larkspur represents a carefree spirit. Just the flower to spark creativit y!

Statice (2)

A green ocean with pastel-yellow seafoam, rolling into the distance. Not a fantasy, but a meadow of Limonium sinuatum in the wild. The genus, Limonium ( Plumbaginaceae family) , comes from leimon, Greek for meadow. This papery flower is better known as Statice, sea-lavender or marsh-rosemary. Although, it’s neither lavender nor rosemary! The best thing about statice is it looks stunning fresh or dried.

Antirrhinum (3)

This stunning seasonal snapdragon is all dressed in tangerine to match the lengthening days and warmer weather. A ‘snaptastic’ flower care tip for antirrhinums is to remove any wilted or dried flowers at the bottom of the floral spike. It’ll encourage more to bloom at the top!

Tulipa vogue (4)

In vogue this spring (and every spring) is the tulip. Tulipa Vogue is a show stopping double tulip with a ruffle of pink petals. Tulips always bend toward the light, so be sure to keep stems healthy: change the water and re-trim 1 cm off the stem every three days. This bloom will bend like a beauty!

  1. Delphinium ajacis (pink)
  2. Statice (yellow)
  3. Antirrhinum (orange)
  4. Tulipa Du Vogue

Have your flowers got you feeling good? Snap a picture and share it on Facebook or Instagram using #bloomon. The floral community loves seeing your flowers in your home after you’ve arranged them like a pro and so do we!