What’s fresh? Refreshing summer flowers

What’s fresh? Refreshing summer flowers

Dianthus, allium, eryngium, asclepias

A look at what’s in bloom in some of our bouquets this week. Perfect-peach carnations, amethyst-blue eryngium, tangerine asclepias and lilac alliums. Sit back and relax amidst refreshing summer colours.

These flowers are part of RESORT, our summer bouquet collection inspired by sunny beaches and chic getaways.

Allium ‘Jackpot’

With an alluring allium in your bouquet, you’ve hit the jackpot! This key summer stem stands majestically in your bouquet and has long, beautiful vase-life. Alliums are known as an ornamental onion, because… it is just that! When you cut the stem, take a whiff – you’ll smell onion! They’re part family Alliaceae, along with shallots, leek, chives, and garlic.

Asclepias ‘Beatrix’

Have you ever seen such mesmerising flower clusters? Asclepias have some of the most complex flowers out there – intricate reverse petals, fused stamen and styles, hoods and horns.

Tips & Tricks : Asclepias are heavy drinkers. Cut the stem at a sharp angle before putting it in your vase. It’ll perk up in an hour or so. You’ll notice milky sap when you cut the stem. Don’t worry, this normal for milkweeds (family Apocynaceae). Just remember, wash your hands afterwards!

Eryngium ‘Donard’

Amethyst-blue, wild-looking bracts, and bursting with fresh energy – yes sir, sea holly is something special. Honeybees, bumblebees, and other pollinating insects love Eryngium alpinum – and so do we! Eryngium is part of family Umbelliferae, which are mostly aromatic flowering plants and herbs. Think parsley, coriander, caraway and cumin.

Dianthus Megan

Dianthus derives from the Greek for ‘heavenly flower’, yet this frilled, perfect-peach beauty is better known as a carnation. Part of family Caryophyllaceae (try saying that after a mojito or two!), they're found wild around the Mediterranean and Balkan Peninsula. Carnations have a long vase-life… just how we like our summers!

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