What’s fresh? Purple summer flowers

What’s fresh? Purple summer flowers

Ageratum, Physostegia, Gladiolus, Phlox

If you have a passion for purple, you’ll love what’s in bloom this week. Amethyst ageratum pom poms, lilac physostegia, magenta phlox and towering gladioli in deep purple.

These flowers are part of RESORT, our summer bouquet collection inspired by sunny beaches, chic getaways, and relaxing by the ocean.

Ageratum (1)

You can’t look at a floss flower without smiling. Oh, those fuzzy lilac-blue pom poms! But Ageratum houstonianum is more often seen edging flower beds or being labelled a weed rather than proudly displayed in bouquets (harsh). In truth, it’s an amazing cut flower with a long vase life — the genus name Ageratum comes from the Greek for ‘without age’, because this cheerful bloom keeps its colour.

Physostegia (2)

Physostegia is often called the ‘obedient plant’. But far from obedient, it spreads like wildfire in its native North America! Specifically Virginia, hence its scientific name Physostegia virginiana, family Lamiaceae (mint). Hummingbirds love this lilac beauty. Those bright purple splashes draw them,and us, in.

Gladiolus ‘Purple Mate’ (3)

When it first arrives with your bouquet as a tall, slender stem, it’s easy to see where gladioli (part of the Iris family) get their name. Gladius is Latin for ‘sword’. And when that green sword goes from bud to bloom, you’ll enjoy billowing flowers of deep purple from the bottom up.

Phlox Crissy (4)

Endemic to North America, from Alpine tundras to prairies, phlox belongs to family Polemoniaceae. They say colourful garden phlox (Phlox paniculata) gets its name from floga, the Greek for ‘flame’. Go on, have a smell, its honey-sweet fragrance is in-phlox-icating. A fiery little summer beauty with a long vase life.

ProTip : Removing leaves below the vase rim and any that look wilted or dry will help channel energy to the flowers, keeping them fresh for longer and reducing the bacteria build up in your vase. Win-win!

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