What’s fresh? Perfect-pastel summer flowers

What’s fresh? Perfect-pastel summer flowers

Aster, Phlebodium, Freesia, Liatris

See what’s in bloom in some of our bouquets this week. Oh-so-cool summer flowers in refreshing pastels and tropical textures. Discover lilac liatris, amethyst asters, turquoise Phlebodium leaves and a whimsical freesia.

These flowers are part of RESORT , our summer bouquet collection inspired by sunny beaches and chic getaways.

Aster ‘Cassandra’ (1)

According to legend, the tears of Asteria, the Ancient Greek goddess of shooting stars, turned into asters as they touched the earth. The genus name Aster means ‘star’. Goddess Asteria is Virgo in Roman mythology. Most September babies are Virgos. September’s birth flower is an aster. It’s all connected! ‘Cassandra’ is a particularly happy looking spray variety.

Freesia ‘Indigo Beach’ (2)

Nothing but cool, refreshing vibes with freesia ‘Indigo Beach’. And that fragrance! A delightful sweet-soap scent. A tip for freesia flower care is to keep them away from ripening fruit and wilted flowers. Freesias are especially sensitive to the ethylene gas that’s emitted from these processes.

Liatris spicata (3)

Shooting up like a brilliant lilac firework from your bouquet is summer bloomer Liatris spicata (family Asteraceae). The extraordinary thing about ‘dense blazing star’ (cool nickname) is that it blooms top down, rather than bottom up, like most flower spikes. Making it a great cut flower, as spent flowers can be plucked off, and it has a vase-life of up to two weeks.

Phlebodium (4)

Phlebodium aureum is a fern in family Polypodiaceae. In the wild in South America, it often grows terrestrially, on trees or rocks, like a piggyback! As a houseplant, it’s green-blue leaves have an air purifying ability in your home. A superb addition to any summer bouquet!

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