What’s fresh? Flowers to help you find your flow

What’s fresh? Flowers to help you find your flow

A look at the seasonal flowers you’ll find in some of our bouquets over the next couple of weeks. They’ll add beauty and balance to your home and are part of our FLOW collection.

Trachelium ‘Blue Lake Michigan’ (1)

Wild trachelium covers the forest floor like an lake of blue-purple surround by trees. Perhaps that’s how Trachelium caeruleum ‘Lake Michigan’ got its name – as i t’s one of the five Great Lakes of North America. Trachelium is part of the bellflower family, Campanulaceae . We think its light fragrance will help you find your flow – a great addition to our FLOW bouquet collection.

Alstroemeria ‘Primadonna’ (2)

Like a true prima donna, this flower is indeed a leading lady. Primadonna is the first Alstroemeria to have a single colour, without the tell tale tiger stripes on the petals. The showy rose-pink petals conjure up images of prima ballerinas – unlike a tutu, the petals on this Alstroemeria remain flat, not ruffled.

Anthurium ‘India Love’ (3)

The bright waxy flower of the anthurium is hard to miss. But, unbeknownst to many, that heart shaped ‘flower’ is actually a spathe, a shield-like leaf that attracts pollinators to the real flower – the spike. It’s covered in lots of teeny-tiny flowers. What’s alluring about this cultivar, India Love, is it’s red-green marbling. There’s something ever so tranquil about it. Love, peace, and inner harmony.

Lilium ‘Spotify Pink’ (4)

Lily’s, part of family Liliaceae, have an exotic look and fragile nature. To keep your lily looking fresher for longer, it does best out of direct sunlight and in a cooler area of your home. We recommend removing the pollen, too – fallen pollen on the petals can shorten the lilies vase-life. The beautiful speckled Spotify Pink is a little hypnotising, perhaps even meditative to look at. This lily will undoubtedly help you find your flow – your inner happiness.

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