What’s fresh? Flowers that speak a thousand words!

What’s fresh? Flowers that speak a thousand words!

A look at the seasonal flowers you’ll find in some of our bouquets over the next couple of weeks. They’ll add beauty and balance to your home this winter.

Jatropha podagrica (1)

The bright coral-like flowers look better suited to the ocean that its tropical origin, the Americas: Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua. The common name for jatropha podagrica, though, hails from the east – Buddha Belly Plant. Jatropha (genus) is part of the Euphorbiaceae family and gets it name from the swollen stem of the shrub, called a vasculum, filled with sap that’s reminiscent of a rounded belly.

Germini ‘Finn’ (2)

Germini is the decorative little sister of the gerbera. The difference is that to be classified as a dainty germini, the flower must be under 9 centimetres. The germini is unscented and part of the Asteraceae family, along with daisies. We think ‘Finn’ looks tie-dyed. It sparks images of flower power, peace, and love.

Prunus Morell (3)

Prunus cerasus, part of the Rosaceae family, may be more familiar as flowering cherry blossom – and in Japan sakura is possibly the most beloved icon of the nation. The coming of the cherry blossom season is highly anticipated every year, beautiful pink-white clouds of blossom and fall in no time at all signify the coming of spring. They embody mortality; the fleeting beauty of life. It’s beautiful spirituality is rooted in buddhism.

Freesia ‘Purple Rain’ (4)

As part of the same family as the iris, Iridaceae, freesias are one of the most fragrant flowers around. Its sweet floral scent is used in soaps, body sprays, scented oils and perfumes the world over. As it symbolises thoughtfulness, this pretty pink-purple flower is a perfect match for our FLOW collection. We hope this flower, and all flowers in your bouquet, calm your mind and triggers creativity.

  1. Jatropha podagrica
  2. Germini ‘Finn’
  3. Prunus Morell
  4. Freesia ‘Purple Rain’

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