What’s fresh? Flowers that SHINE in our autumnal bouquets

What’s fresh? Flowers that SHINE in our autumnal bouquets

A sneak peek of the seasonal flowers you’ll find in some of our bouquets over the next few weeks.

Alstresia ‘Scorpion’ (1)

Despite its fierce sounding name, the alstroemeria ‘Scorpion’ (lily of the Incas) symbolises friendship. The similarities to its namesake come from the slender petals, reminiscent to the crescent curve of a scorpion’s stinger. Interestingly, alstroemeria petals grow upside down, twisting as they grow, resembling the twists and turns of true friendship, they say.

Phlebodium aureum ‘Blue Star’ (2)

In the wild this hardy fern, with a mess of elongated fronds and blue-green colour, is native to tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas. As an epiphytic plant, it grows on the surface and in the apexes of other trees. The leaf in your bouquet should last about a month, so it makes an ideal stem for a mini vase arrangement.

Lisianthus ‘Alissa Blue’ (3)

Lisianthus ( Eustoma grandiflorum ) comes in single and double forms – the ‘Alissa Blue’ variety has beautiful double flowers abundant with lightly frilled petals. It’s commonly known as ‘Prairie Gentian’ and ‘Texas Bluebell’, but its roses and peonies that come to mind when looking at these petals.

Clematis ‘Blue Pirouette’ (4)

Clematis are members of the buttercup ( Ranunculaceae ) family and their name derives from the Greek ‘ klematis ’, which means vine. In gardens this flowering climber can be seen growing up fences and walls, their heads in the sun and roots in the shade.

  1. Alstresia ‘Scorpion’
  2. Phlebodium aureum ‘Blue Star’
  3. Lisianthus ‘Alissa Blue’
  4. Clematis ‘Blue Pirouette’

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