What’s fresh? Flowers that put a spring in your step!

What’s fresh? Flowers that put a spring in your step!

A look at the seasonal flowers you’ll find in some bloomon bouquets over the next couple of weeks. These Golden-girl flowers are part of ATELIER, our new spring collection. Inspired by modern artists in our community, ATELIER is our most creative collection yet!

Tulipa Crown of Dynasty (1)

A new heir to the springtime symbol crown? This pretty new cultivar of tulip has a crown of pink petals with uniquely quilled edges that reigns supreme in any bouquet. Crown of Dynasty is part of a group of tulips known as Triumph tulips, known for their iconic tulip-shape and sturdy stem – keep the stem healthy and strong in your vase by recutting 1 cm off at a sharp angle every time you change the water (every three days).

Zantedeschia Captain Melrose (2)

Standing tall like a proud captain at the helm of her ship, this elegant zantedeschia symbolises appreciation and bringer of positive energy. Although most widely known as a calla lily, this flower isn’t a lily at all! Zantedeschia is part of the Araceae family, along with anthurium. They share the interesting characteristic of a spadix (the central spike) encased by a spathe – a modified leaf!

Allium (3)

Cut this stem and you may be surprised at the garlic-onion odour. That’s because this pretty flower is in the same family as onions, garlic, shallots, chives and leek (family Alliaceae)! The genus Allium covers hundred of species, including the herbs just mentioned, but the allium in your vase is more giant ornament than ordinary onion. Don’t add this to a spring salad! Admire its beauty from your vase, it’ll brighten your home for days!

Rosa Sweet Dolomiti (4)

Marie Antoinette would be jealous of this decadent rose. A full, candy pink flower that will unfurl and look just peachy in your arrangement for 10 days or more with the right care. That big flowerhead needs nutrients, so recut the stem regularly to allow it to absorb enough water and add a little homemade flower food to give your flowers extra energy to really shine.

  1. Tulipa Crown of Dynasty
  2. Zantedeschia Captain Melrose
  3. Allium
  4. Rosa Sweet Dolomiti

Have a spring in your step thanks to your flowers? Share your photos on Facebook or Instagram using #bloomonuk. The bloomon community loves seeing your flowers in your home after you’ve arranged them like a pro and so do we!