What’s fresh? Flowers that inspire you!

What’s fresh? Flowers that inspire you!

A look at the seasonal flowers you’ll find in some of our bouquets over the next couple of weeks. They’ll add beauty and balance to your home and are part of our FLOW collection.

Eustoma du ‘Rosita Red’ (1)

We’ve crowned this lisianthus little Miss Congeniality (step aside Sandra Bullock), because her beautiful double-flowered petals mean she’s a lovely rose without thorns. Rosita Red’s sturdy stems and long vase life mean she’ll brighten your home with a friendly air for over a week. And, if she’s still going strong, she’ll look divine in a mini vase.

Ranunculus ‘Butterfly Ariadne’ (2)

The Butterfly Ariadne is brand new and already catching attention among growers and florists alike. It was nominated for The Dutch Tulip Award 2017, having only been cultivated a couple of years before. The ranunculus Butterfly is single-flowered with playful petals that have a natural wax coating, which adds to their long vase life. Beauty in numbers! Each stem has multiple buds per stem that will bloom beautifully in your vase.

Freesia ‘Maya’ (3)

Freesias can’t help but raise your spirits. They are elegant, colourful, and symbolise thoughtfulness. And their fragrance! A sweet-soap floral scent. Our tip for freesia flower care is to keep them away from ripening fruit and vegetables and wilted flowers. Freesias are especially sensitive to the ethylene gas that’s emitted from these processes.

Eryngium ‘Blue Dynamite’ (4)

As its name suggests, the eryngium Blue Dynamite is full of energy. The vibrant blue can help inspire creativity and awaken the senses. Like the bees and pollinating insects, perhaps we are also attracted to this spiny flower. Eryngium is part of the Umbelliferae family after all, which are mostly aromatic (think: parsley!).

  1. Eustoma du ‘Rosita Red’
  2. Ranunculus ‘Butterfly Ariadne’
  3. Freesia ‘Maya’
  4. Eryngium ‘Blue Dynamite’

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