What’s fresh? Flowers that energise you!

What’s fresh? Flowers that energise you!

A look at the seasonal flowers you’ll find in some of our bouquets over the next couple of weeks. They’ll add beauty and balance to your home and are part of our FLOW collection.

Phlebodium aureum (1)

Phlebodium aureum is a fern in the Polypodiaceae family. It has a tropical heritage, sometimes growing on trees in the wild, like a piggy back! And without stealing any nutrients from its support-tree. As a houseplant, it’s green-blue leaves have an air purifying ability in your home. The healing energy and delicate fronds of this fern make it a perfect addition to your FLOW bouquet.

Anemone ‘Mistral Blue’ (2)

Our FLOW collection is centered around mindfulness and finding your flow. We think there’s a tranquility about the Mistral Blue, don’t you? Like some other flowers in the buttercup family ( Ranunculaceae), the sepals (the green structures that encase the bud) appear as petals and because anemones have no nectar or scent, they act as a way to attract insects and are thusly named petaloid-sepals. Natures reminder that things aren’t always what they seem. It can do us good to be patient and take a closer look.

Matthiola incana ‘Lavender’ (3)

The genus Matthiola was named after Italian naturalist and medical botanist Pierandrea Mattioli (1500-1577). Matthiola incana is part of the Brassicaceae family and is more widely known as Stock or Gillyflower. This majestic bloom may look a little wilted during the day, but don’t worry – this beauty is a night owl. It blooms and produces a fragrance in the evening. Wake up energised to the sweet scent of Matthiola incana!

Amaryllis Hippeastrum ‘Rilona’ (4)

The Latin name of this flower, Hippeastrum , conjures a prideful image. It means ‘Horseman’s Star’, supposedly because the flowerhead is reminiscent of a proud horse’s head and mane. Amaryllis symbolises pride and admiration. And with with this apricot-salmon cultivar, it’s easy to see why. This magnificent bloom has a long vase life and will make your bouquet sparkle (Amaryllis actually means ‘to sparkle’ in Greek).

  1. Phlebodium aureum
  2. Anemone ‘Mistral Blue’
  3. Matthiola incana ‘Lavender’
  4. Amaryllis Hippeastrum ‘Rilona’

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