What’s fresh? Flowers that dare to be different!

What’s fresh? Flowers that dare to be different!

A look at some seasonal stems you’ll find in our bouquets this week. These flowers are part of ATELIER, our spring bouquet collection inspired by modern painters, ceramicists, and sculptors. Grab an easel and paintbrush, sculpt a vase, or plant an urban garden – let flowers fuel your creativity.

Celosia (1)

This bloom is a deep orange variety of cockscomb – a nod, of course, to a rooster’s crest. The name of its genus is derived from the Ancient Greek word keleos (burning), a reference to its colour and crinkly flame-like flower heads. Not just a thing of beauty, its protein-rich leaves are used in soups or fried up with peppers, lime juice and garlic in India, Western Africa and South America.

Alstroemeria Estee (2)

Alstroemerias, with their tell-tale tiger stripes, are known as Peruvian lilies and are native to South America. Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus named the genus after his good friend and student, Baron Clas Alströmer. Astonishingly, alstroemeria petals grow upside down, twisting as they grow. Different, that’s for sure!

Gerbera Spider Tomahawk (3)

Gerberas (family Asteraceae) epitomise flowers, in a way – the daisy-petals being the first we draw as children. Yet the Gerbera Spider Tomahawk does it differently! It’s blaze of colourful spider-leg petals captures the imagination, making it a perfect addition to ATELIER.

Ranunculus Butterfly Minoan (4)

Another beautiful ranunculus, completely different vibe! Butterfly Minoan is unique among ranunculi – its delicate single-form petals have a shimmering natural wax coating (that helps with a longer vase life). And, with multiple blooms per stem, it’s like a flutter of little butterflies in your bouquet!

  1. Celosia
  2. Alstroemeria Estee
  3. Gerbera Spider Tomahawk
  4. Ranunculus Butterfly Minoan

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