What’s fresh? Flowers that colour your world!

What’s fresh? Flowers that colour your world!

A look at some of the seasonal stems you’ll find in our bouquets over the next couple of weeks. These flowers are part of ATELIER , our spring collection, inspired by the art of creating – not just by our growers and floral stylists, but ceramicists, painters and sculptors in our community, too. Set your imagination free with flowers!

Calendula Orange (1)

It’s time to colour your world with this bright little marigold! Popping in vibrant orange-yellow, Calendula officinalis is in the Asteraceae family, alongside asters, daisies and sunflowers. Its Latin name derives from ‘little calendar’ and we can see why! When marigold blooms, it signals that spring is HERE.

Clarkia (2)

First discovered by explorer Captain William Clark on the infamous Lewis and Clark expedition, the salmon-rose clarkia ( Clarkia amoena ) petals remind us of something – crepe paper! That crafty coloured paper that delighted us as kids. What better bloom to add to our ATELIER collection, inspired by the art of creating, than a crafty clarkia.

Chrysanthemum Stripy (3)

Is it even possible to looks at this candy-striped chrysanthemum and not feel a renewed sense of creativity course through you? It makes us want to to pick up the nearest felt tip pen and doodle something glorious! After some careful creation by Dutch florists, this new Stripy spray chrysanthemum is ready for your vase!

Tulipa French Avignon (4)

Ooh la la, mon chéri Avignon, we can’t help but be admire your elegance! Rosy-red petals that fade into delicate apricot at the edges, your long stately stem, and full flower head – pretty as a painting. This Single Late Tulip is one of the tallest around. Enchanté!

  1. Calendula orange
  2. **Clarkia Salmon/ Pink **
  3. Chrysanthemum Tr. stripy
  4. Tulipa Frans Avignon

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