What’s fresh? Flowers that bring out your inner artist!

What’s fresh? Flowers that bring out your inner artist!

A look at some of the seasonal stems you’ll find in our bouquets over the next couple of weeks. These flowers are part of ATELIER , our spring collection, inspired by the art of creating – not just by our growers and floral stylists, but ceramicists, painters and sculptors in our community, too. Set your imagination free with flowers!

Germini Pomponi Happy (1)

Just because it’s mini, doesn’t mean it spreads less happiness. This bright red germini is a bundle of joy! To classify as the decorative little sister of the gerbera, stems must be less than 9 cm. They’re unscented and part of the Asteraceae family, along with daisies.

Rosa Coral Reef (2)

This classic beauty ranges anywhere from coral-peach to soft sunset-blush. In the spirit of ATELIER, our artist-inspired spring collection, we can’t help but think that this flower is befitting of Pablo Picasso’s Rose Period. Spanning a few happy years of the artist’s life, he painted with cheerful apricots and playful pinks.

Phoenix Roebelenii (3)

Better known as the pygmy date palm, the small Phoenix roebelenii is endemic to southeast Asia, namely the Yunnan Province in China and northern Vietnam. But far from just a foliage filler, this palm frond has character unto its own!

Chrysant Baltica Salmon (4)

Our spring collection is all about creating, so we’re all for this new long-lasting variety of spray chrysanthemums, with multiple salmon-peach poms per stem! Chrysanthemums – ‘mums’ for short – come from the Greek for ‘gold’ and ‘flower’. We hope it brings some 24-karat creativity into your home!

  1. Germini Pomponi Happy
  2. Roos gr coral reef
  3. Phoenix Roebellini
  4. Chrysant Baltica Salmon

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