What’s fresh? Flowers that are wild at heart

What’s fresh? Flowers that are wild at heart

A look at some seasonal stems you’ll find in our bouquets this week. These flowers are part of ATELIER, our spring bouquet collection inspired by modern painters, ceramicists, and sculptors. With creative colour and a vibrant aesthetic, these spring blooms are wild at heart.

Bouvardia Ruby Red (1)

Bouvardia Ruby Red is a siren of spring. Part of family Rubiaceae, it’s bright red clusters stand out in your bouquet. Bouvardias are heavy drinkers, so cut the stem at a sharp angle with a sharp knife or secateurs and refresh the water in your vase every three days. Remove some of the leaves, too. This gives more energy to the flowers to bloom.

Lilium Albufeira (2)

This LA lily isn’t named after Los Angeles, but it does embody the city’s vibrancy and sassy attitude. ‘LA’ stands for Longiflorum-Asiatic. Lilium Albufeira is a hybrid between the Easter lily ( Lilium longiflorum ), endemic to Japan’s Ryukyu Islands, and Asiatic hybrids. The elegant trumpet shape is thanks to the Easter lily, the bright colour and strong upward-facing flower head is passed on from the Asiatic hybrids.

Phlox Ice cap (3)

Whilst garden phlox ( Phlox paniculata ) gets it name from the Greek for ‘flame’, this variety is icy-white and pure as well… an ice cap. Endemic to North America, from Alpine tundras to prairies, Phlox belongs to family Polemoniaceae. Go on have a smell, we think its light fragrance is in- phlox -icating. Our tip: removing the leaves will help channel energy to the flowers, to keep them fresher for longer.

Antirrhinum (4)

Each spring, wild snapdragons ( Antirrhinum majus , family Plantaginaceae) bloom along the Pyrenees. Its flowers beckoning the bees as they dance in the wind. Only large insects like bumble bees can pollinate antirrhinums. Their weight opens the petals to reach the nectar in the dragon’s mouth. Squeeze the flower laterally, you’ll see what we mean! The petals open and close with a snap.

  1. Bouvardia Ruby Red
  2. Lilium Albufeira
  3. Phlox Ice cap
  4. Antirrhinum

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