What’s fresh? Flowers in spring pastels!

What’s fresh? Flowers in spring pastels!

A peek at what’s in bloom in our bouquets this week. These flowers are part of ATELIER, our spring bouquet collection inspired by the way artists create with colour. These perfect peach-pink flowers will add spring-style to any space!

Lisianthus Falda (1)

Perfect peach petals than bloom like plush little roses. Lisianthus are as pretty as their name suggests. Originating in North America, it grew wild in riverbeds and prairies, hence the common name prairie gentian. Symbolsing appreciation and charisma, we think it’s a standout addition your spring bouquet.

Alchemilla mollis Robustica (2)

The story goes that the genus Alchemilla (family Rosaceae) comes from the Arabic for alchemy. This shrub, with its spray of chartreuse-yellow flowers and star-shaped leaves, was believed to have some kind of power – the droplets that collected on the leaves surface were thought to be the purest water and Medieval alchemists used it in the attempts to create gold (without success, sadly).

Rosa Miss Piggy (3)

It’s a testament to a rose’s beauty when, even named after a pig puppet whose fame is based on a diva attitude and squeaky voice, can still be the stand-out stunner in any bouquet. Rosa Miss Piggy, we salute you! Roses are notoriously thirsty – cut the stem at a very sharp angle to allow water take up. Oh, and refresh your vase water every 3 days!

Campanula (4)

With its panicles of perfect-pink flowers, Campanula medium rings out with sunny vibes. They’re rich in nectar and a favourite of honey bees and butterflies. Campanula (family Campanulaceae) gets its name from the Latin for ‘little bell’. No surprise then, that this flower’s better known as bellflower.

  1. Lisianthus Falda
  2. Alchemilla mollis Robustica
  3. Rosa Miss Piggy
  4. Campanula

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