What’s fresh? First summer flowers of the season

What’s fresh? First summer flowers of the season

Celosia, pennisetum, asclepias

A look at what’s in bloom in some of our bouquets this week. Coral celosia, strawberry ice cream asclepias, and a pennisetum. Come and join us for a sweet summer adventure!

These flowers are part of RESORT, our summer bouquet collection inspired by sunny beaches and chic getaways.

Celosia ‘Act Rima’

Surf’s up! Let’s ride the tropical vibes. Celosia reminds us of flamingo-pink coral at the bottom of the ocean. Celosia comes from the Greek kḗleos, meaning ‘burning’ and is part of family Amaranthaceae. More than just a beauty, celosia is cultivated as a leafy vegetable in places like Mexico and tropical Africa. In Nigeria, it’s called sokoyokoto – literally, ‘make husbands fat and happy’.

Pennisetum ‘Blondie’

Seen en masse in its native Australia and Eastern Asia, clumps of fountain grasses create an exotic landscape. Each blonde, bristly flower spike flows out from the clump like a… well, fountain. Pennisetum alopecuroides is part of family sweet grasses (Poaceae).

Asclepias Heroin Pink

In a dreamy hue of strawberry ice cream pink, Asclepias tuberosa adds splashes of summer vibes to your bouquet. Asclepias is a perennial in the milkweed family (Asclepiadaceae). Butterflies love it because of their abundance of sweet nectar. So, what better-suited nickname than butterfly weed.

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