What to expect when you’re expecting bloomon

What to expect when you’re expecting bloomon

Thinking about welcoming your first bloomon bouquet into your home? Here's what to expect when you join the bloomon family.

Welcome to the flower delivery guide that reassuringly answers the questions of expecting flower-fans-to-be from the planning stage through to your flowers first week.

Every bloomon bouquet is a stylish bundle of joy! And, ordering them online has made the whole experience more enjoyable — and much more convenient. As with any fresh start, there are bound to be questions before the doorbell rings and your first bouquet arrives. So, for all our expecting flower-fans-to-be, whether you’re expecting bloomon weekly, monthly, or as a one-off gift, here’s everything you need to know beforehand.



Only the freshest, highest-quality flowers sourced directly from growers make it into our bouquets. Your flowers go from the field to your vase within thirty-six hours. By cutting out the middlemen — flower auctions, wholesalers, long lorry journeys, shops — you can enjoy blooms that last longer than store-bought bouquets.


2. Surprise!

We’re always after what’s fresh and now. That’s why our in-house floral stylists design a new bouquet every week of the year, using the most inspiring, seasonal flowers that reflect the colours and trends of the moment. In this way, we promise second-to-none floral artistry and a different bouquet every delivery. Expect to be surprised!


3. Less is more

Experts agree; space is a crucial factor in long-lasting relationships and our flowers are no exception. We take a less-is-more-approach to our bouquets to ensure that every flower has room to bloom to its full potential. That’s the bloomon look — a full, modern bouquet with a Scandinavian, minimalist approach.


4. From bud to bloom

To ensure maximum freshness and vase life, we deliver your flowers in the bud, ready to bloom. Upon delivery, your bouquet will seem very green and closed. It will transform in your vase and reach full bloom in 3-4 days. Your bouquet is a beautiful, living work of art and will look different every day.


5. Hydrated and happy

Depending on your postcode, your bouquet will be safely delivered by courier in either a sturdy, custom-made recycled paper wrap or a snug protective box. Your flowers are kept hydrated by a specially-designed aqua pack or in water.


6. Ready, set, arrange!

Our floral stylists’ design and hand-wrap your bouquet, but we leave the joy of arranging the flowers up to you. Together with your bouquet, you’ll receive a welcome booklet full of arranging tips to get the bloomon look. Here are the basics:

  • Before you start arranging, thoroughly clean your vase with soap.
  • Fill your vase one-third with water and pour in the sachet of flower food.
  • Unwrap your bouquet and lay out your stems from shortest to tallest. It helps to see what you’re working with.

It’s good to mention here, that you should cut 1 cm off each stem at an angle before putting it into the vase.

  • Start arranging your bouquet by building a frame. Crisscross four strong, medium-length stems into a four-legged tripod.
  • Then start adding more short and medium lengthed flowers over the frame, turning the vase you go. Add the tallest stems last.


7. First-week flower care

How well you care for your flowers impacts how long your bouquet stays fresh. You’ll need to change the water and clean your vase every three days — or when the water looks cloudy. It’s the perfect opportunity to rearrange your flowers, re-cutting stems as you go!


8. You’re in control

Even before your flowers arrive, you can manage your account by logging in. You can change your delivery schedule, leave us special delivery instructions, refer a friend (to get a free bouquet), and order products like vases, flower scissors, and our candle to name a few! If you’re off on holiday, just pause your account or skip a delivery.


9. A supportive community

Your bloomon journey doesn't stop at bouquets. We're always working hard to ensure you get the most out of your flowers and can keep the love blooming month after month, year after year. That's why we send exclusive offers and news on a monthly basis via our newsletters, and post a range of community content on our social channels that offer styling inspiration and care tips.

We think this is the beginning of something beautiful! If you have questions about your upcoming delivery, see our FAQ page .

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