What flowers want: 4 tricks to keep your bouquet fresh

What flowers want: 4 tricks to keep your bouquet fresh

There’s a saying. It goes 'bloom where you’re planted'. We agree that you should absolutely make the best of whatever life gives you, but there are small advantages you can create for yourself get ahead and become the best version of yourself – the same goes for your fresh flowers!

For us to thrive, we can cultivate a good mentality, build strong networks, and surround ourselves with positive energy. For your bouquet to flourish and last longer, you can use the following tips to give your fresh flowers a happier, longer vase life.

Fresh start

How to make your flowers last longer? They want a few things. When they first arrive, act fast. Clean your vase thoroughly, fill one third of your vase with water, and cut stems on a diagonal. Give them a flying head start to lasting freshness.

Location, location, location

What's the make or break of lasting freshness? Where you put your vase. Choosing the right spot for your flowers can mean days of extra freshness. Here are top tips from our in-house floral experts on where to put your flower arrangement.

1. Too much sun is no fun

Avoid all-day direct sunlight. Too much intense sun makes your fresh flowers open fast and wilt soon after. Moisture that the petals have absorbed evaporates, leaving them dry.

A Windowsill that is a sun trap all afternoon is not your flowers best friend. Pick a shady spot for you vase that remains shady even in a few hours.

2. Cool and happy

A vase of long-lasting fresh flowers wants to be somewhere with a cool, consistent temperature. Flowers don’t like draughts, fans or air conditioning that cause temperatures to yo-yo.

3. Hot and bothered

Flowers fade faster when they're hot. Keep your blooms away from radiators and appliances that generate heat.

4. Not a fruit fan

Keep your bouquet away from ripening fruit, especially bananas, mangoes, and apples. As fruit ripens, it releases ethylene gas, a natural plant hormone that speeds up the wilting of your bouquet if it’s close by. Steer clear of the fruit bowl!

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