Under the floral spell: ways to get more flowers in your life

Under the floral spell: ways to get more flowers in your life

“I must have flowers, always, and always.” – Claude Monet

Why is that we love flowers so much? They're gorgeous, yes. They smell good and instantly make any space feel more stylish and welcoming — absolutely. But there’s more to it than that. A more flower-filled life has been scientifically proven to promote a sense of wellbeing, boost your mood, and even improve memory! Flowers have also been essential in the cultivation of most staple foods including wheat, rice, and corn and many of our medicines. Old and modern.

There you have it: flowers are powerful. Here are 7 creative ways to get more flowers into your life


1. Wear a floral dress

Flowers are in vogue . They're everywhere in fashion. Get more flowers in your life by wearing a floral dress, an embroidered floral jacket, a flower crown or all those things at once.

2. Eat edible flowers

Floral centrepieces are timeless, but flowers can also be on your plate. Jazz up a salad, dress up a dessert, or fancify a flatbread — edible flowers in cooking can make a dish almost too pretty to eat! Pansies are peppery, courgette flowers are scrumptious when stuffed, and lavender is the cherry on top of any cake.

Remember, not all flowers are edible and your bloomon bouquet is for admiring. Edible flowers can be bought from the whole food shop.


3. Drink edible flowers

There are many ways to imbibe flowers! You can freeze edible flowers in ice cubes to add colour to a drink. Or decorate a cocktail with edible flowers . And floral teas, like chrysanthemum, jasmine, chamomile and hibiscus, not only taste delicious but have health benefits , too.


4. Floral wallpaper

Flowers and botanicals in all forms are shaping modern interior design trends. From textiles adorned with blooms to painted murals of flowers to floral wallpaper — make a stylish statement with bold floral prints.


5. Wear a floral perfume

If you love flowers you’ll want their scent to linger with you all day long — that’s where a floral fragrance comes in. Whether refreshing, subtle or downright sexy, there’s a floral scent for you. Opt for a well-known brand like Gucci’s Bloom or mix your own using natural essential oils.

6. Listen to a botanical podcast

Flowers for your ears? With the rise of popularity in podcasts in recent years, it’s no surprise that the botanical world has got involved, too. Tuning into a floristry or gardening podcast can be an inspiring way to commute or clean the house.


7. Admire fresh flowers

Best for last: the best way to incorporate more flowers into your life is by having fresh, seasonal flowers in a vase to admire at home. An instant style update and happiness-boost for any space.

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