Tips on how to sustainably look after your flowers

Tips on how to sustainably look after your flowers

How to get the most out of your bouquet

We have a few handy tips on how to treat your flowers in a more sustainable way, so that you can enjoy your favourite flowers and stems for longer.

1. Clean your vase

By cleaning your vase regularly, you prevent bacterial growth. If you let bacteria run their course, your flowers can go limp or even die. So, give your vase a good cleaning before you put your flowers in it and every time you change the water (every 2-3 days). We have researched how to do this in a sustainable way with environmentally friendly products. This way you not only get your vase sparkling clean, but your flowers will also last a lot longer.

Tip for your vase collection: exchange vases with the neighbours or give away vases that are collecting dust. That way you don't have to buy anything new.

flowers on a cupboard with a vase next to it

2. Take care of your flowers

It may seem obvious, but if you take good care of your flowers, they will last a lot longer. A clean vase, as described above, will go a long way. But there are even more tips & tricks that can extend the life of your flowers. For example, make sure that your vase is not in direct sunlight or next to the fruit bowl, as this will cause your flowers to wilt faster. Discover more on our tips & tricks page.

original bloomon bouquet on cupboard with woman next to it

3. Take stem cuttings

One way to enjoy your stems longer is to take cuttings. Some ornamental branches and leafy greens from our fresh bunches can take root after a while. Discover in this blog which stems from our bouquets are suitable for this and become a real cutting king with our tips!

plant in windowsill

4. Dry your flowers

Another way to handle your flowers sustainably is by drying them so that your seasonal flowers become true keepers. In this blog we explain which flowers are suitable for this and how to get started.

two dry bouquets hanging on a wall

5. Sow

Many summer flowers release seeds at the end of their blooming period. Most cut flowers in our summer forests do not release seeds, but a few do. Look out for the Helianthus (sunflower), Lunaria, Papaver and Sorghum. Collect and dry the seeds from the withered flowers and sow them in March next year. This way you can grow your own seasonal flowers for next summer!

hands that sow flowers

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