Thís is why you need to cut your flower stalks diagonally

Thís is why you need to cut your flower stalks diagonally

And make your flowers last longer

When getting fresh flowers, you always hear the same advice, to cut them at a diagonal angle before placing in water. But why is that?

The reason is actually quite simple...


When the flowers are cut off at the grower, it creates actual injury at the bottom of the stalk. To protect itself against fungi, bacteria and de-hydration, this little cut heals and forms a small crust. A very beautiful and powerful protection mechanism! However here also lies the downside, it’s difficult for the flower to take in water through the crust. So hence the reason for cutting at a diagonal.

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Why diagonally?

By cutting a few inches from the bottom with a sharp knife, you make sure that the flowers can take in as much water as possible. That’s all very true, but it’s a fable that cutting at a diagonally enables flowers to take in even more water. Take a straw as an example, you can’t drink more when you cut it diagonally at the bottom. Ok sure, so why then? Well, the reason why a diagonal surface is better for the stalk, is that it’s the simplest and most precise angle to cut. Also with using a sharp knife, you get a smooth surface, making it more difficult for bacteria and fungi to find a breeding ground. Making us come to the second reason why cutting with a knife is better than using scissors: it’s way easier. Mind you, place your flowers directly in a vase with fresh water after cutting them, because the cut can heal in just one minute. No excuses anymore to not be fully prepared.

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