This is how you arrange flowers in mini-vases

This is how you arrange flowers in mini-vases

It might seem easy, but styling flowers in mini-vases requires patience and a keen eye for detail. Our Flower Stylist Lucinda explains how to create a beautiful composition in just a few steps.

"Mini-vases are thé way to create an exciting composition with flowers." – Lucinda, Flower Stylist

Step 1: Pick your flowers

Dried flowers or fresh flowers: if you’d ask us, all flowers are suited for mini-vases. As long as you pick different shapes, colours and lengths, according to Lucinda: “Dried flowers often have shorter stems, but those of dried grasses tend to be longer - so for any composition, it just works to play with different lengths and combine them. If you prefer fresh flowers, then pick strong, long stems that you can cut off. Tip: you can also use the long-lasting bloomers from your bouquet.”

three loose flowers in a row with purple color

Step 2. Pick the perfect little vases

“You can never have enough mini-vases. Play with shapes, height and materials: ceramics, glass, bright colours or soft hues: anything goes. The more vases, the bigger your composition. Make sure that they can handle it when placing long stems.”

mini vases bloomon

Step 3. Decide your vase composition

“Lined up on your mantle or in a semi-circle on the dining table: make sure that you have enough space to play with the composition. Don’t place anything underneath, as that will create a frame. How to create the perfect composition? Create balance with asymmetry! For example, place three vases together and a single vase a bit further, followed by another set of two vases. Don’t place them in equal distance apart, but play with space by creating an animated and dancing display.”

Step 4. Play with different heights, shapes and colours

“Now it’s time to style it. Ensure that the flowers that share a vase (minimum of one and maximum three) don’t have the same length. Don’t be afraid to place a very long stem in a small vase and a shorter one next to it. Have the branches cross each other by placing them in a diagonal in the vase, which creates an exciting composition. Tip: remove as much of the excess leaves of the stem to create a breezy look.

Flowers in bloomon mini glass vases on a set table

Don’t place flowers with the same shape, like a rose and a carnation, in the same vase as they draw away the attention from each other. What does work? Combine different shapes, like a grassy Liatris spicata (fountain grass) with a round Allium. Or combine a stem with several flower bunches like the Phlox with a single flower like the Craspedia, the round yellow drumstick. Lastly, mix several colours for a long-lasting, great looking floral display.”

New! Pop

Now that you know how to create an exceptional composition with flowers and mini-vases, we can make it even easier for you with Pop. Filled with the best spring flowers in various shapes and colours, this is the perfect design to fill mini-vases with.

pop bloomon fresh flowers

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