The meaning behind your favourite flowers

The meaning behind your favourite flowers

All flowers have intriguing stories and histories. Besides undergoing a beautiful transformation from bud to flower, their floristry - the language of flowers - is just as exciting. Love, femininity or happiness: discover the story of the lily, the rose, the gladiolus and the peony.

The peony

The peony experiences one of the greatest metamorphoses within the flower kingdom. It transforms from a bud as small as a marble to a beautiful flower that can grow to the size of a cabbage.

Pink peony on a rug


The peony is known to symbolise love, happiness, elegance and health among other things. The peony root has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat various ailments such as stomach or nerve pain. For that reason it is also referred to as "the flower of honour."

The gladiolus

Gladiolus comes from the Latin word “gladius”, meaning sword. If you take a good look at her shape and use your imagination, you will understand why this flower in the bud has been nicknamed the "sword lily". With a little love and attention she turns into a blooming flower torch.

Pink gladiolus in a hand


In Roman times there were frequent blood-curdling battles between gladiators and the victor would be showered with gladiolus flowers. Next to victory and battle, this heroic flower also stands for strength and pride.

The rose

From a drop-shaped bud to a round flower head made of heart-shaped petals: the queen of flowers knows how to capture every heart.

Pink rose in a hand wearing a red blouse


With its countless different types, shapes and colors, the rose has an incredibly rich symbolism. The classic red rose is of course affiliated with love and romance. Legend has it that beautiful red roses grew from the spot where Adonis (Greek goddess Aphrodite’s lover) died. The rose then became a symbol of Aphrodite’s eternal grief and love. The rose holds many other associations and we therefore cannot imagine an occasion for which they are not suitable. White roses represent honesty and innocence, yellow roses represent friendship and happiness, pink roses represent gratitude and orange roses represent enthusiasm and desire.

The lily

The long narrow bud of the lily experiences a beautiful and slow transformation into the star-shaped flower. The lily comes in many colors and variations: some petals even have dot patterns which make them look like colored tongues - which beetles adore.

A lily in the hand of a woman wearing a yellow blouse


This could take a while! Lilies have a rich symbolism and long history. The Ancient Greeks and Romans crowned their brides with lilies to ensure a pure and fertile life. The Romans also used the lily to make their bedding smell nice and thus spread the scent of love. The serene and pure appearance of the lily also makes it a fitting (and popular) mourning flower for funerals. And finally: lilies are also recognised as symbols of peace and tranquility.

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