The Iconic bloomon Bouquet

The Iconic bloomon Bouquet

Meet our signature Contemporary bouquet

The iconic bloomon bouquet is utterly original, both in its aesthetics and in the way we design them. Inspired by Scandinavian and Dutch tradition, every flower in the bouquet has room to breathe, so that every stem can reach its full, beautiful potential. The various stem lengths and modern shape means your bouquet will make a statement wherever you put it. It’s imaginatively dramatic, whilst adding understated elegance.

Getting to the root of Contemporary

Our contemporary bouquets come in 3 sizes: Small, medium, and large. We’re all about surprises. One way we do this is that we never have the same flower twice in a bouquet. Every stem is unique and seasonal. Plus, because we work directly with local growers, our flowers will brighten your home for ages – up to 10 days (even longer with the right care !).

Sweet & Small £21.95

Our smallest design packs a punch.

Average height : about 45cm – it’s true that good things come in small packages

What we love : This bouquet adds a burst of fresh colour and personality.

Where to put it: Put it on a dining table, coffee table, or counter.

Natural habitat : It cheers up any home, whether you’re in the city centre or countryside.

Marvelous Medium £25.95

Our most popular bouquet is a crowd pleaser.

Average height : about 65cm – a living piece of art that’s ideal for any occasion

What we love : It’s perfect for a cosy dinner party with friends, or a gift to remember for a birthday or baby shower

Where to put it: Make a statement! A stack of books, a mantle, or large kitchen table

Natural habitat : Any home, any city, any style

Luscious Large , £32.95

The big sister is definitely a conversation starter. Where flowers bloom, so does happiness.

Average height : About 90cm – amazing size for the price

What we love : The large bouquet is big, bold, and beautiful – and turns heads!

Where to put it: A large dinner table or on the floor by the sofa is a good place to start. A front entrance also works.

Natural habitat : Modern city apartments, office spaces, and family homes

Ordering Contemporary

Our memberships are completely free and flexible. Once you’re a member, you can arrange bouquet deliveries as you like. You can switch up or change your order until midnight the Sunday before your scheduled delivery. We work magic with our flowers, but even magic-making has a curfew.

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