THE GIFT OF STYLE — Holiday 2018

THE GIFT OF STYLE — Holiday 2018

There’s no denying it, there's magic in the air.

The festive season is more than a spectacle, it’s a feeling — that fuzzy glow as friends and family gather together, those sparkles in our eyes as we celebrate each other and the season. Our holiday bouquet collection, THE GIFT OF STYLE, is inspired by the joyful energy around us and winter wildflowers. Bathed in vivacious violets, rich reds, and champagne-pinks, our flowers reimagine — and redefine — festive style.

Deck the halls with flowers

Balancing style and glamour with warmth and comfort, THE GIFT OF STYLE is the perfect amount of chic festivity to make every occasion at home special — from family feasts to glitzy get-togethers.

“Designing this holiday collection was done with great care and attention to detail. We wanted to create enchanting bouquets that would be treasured as the guest of honour in homes decorated for the festive season — impressive enough to stand out amongst the ball-balls and fairy lights.”

“Being happy never goes out of style.”

— Lilly Pulitzer, socialite and fashion designer


The holly, ivy, and winter flowers

In pursuit of captivating bouquets that tell a story of the season, our holiday collection combines a sumptuous colour palette, iconic Christmas stems, and striking winter flowers for you to discover. Look forward to stems like cascading euphorbia fulgens, velveteen roses, and decadent variegated chrysanthemums in our bouquets, combined with the glistening berries on branches of Ilex verticillata, trumpet-shaped amaryllis, and incandescent anemones.

The scent of the season

Fragrance is at the heart of this collection — a powerful sense that triggers memories when you interact with nostalgic scents. Transport yourself to your happy place with fragrant blooms like lemony-fresh waxflowers, camphoraceous eucalyptus, fresh-cut pine, and Matthiola — a scent so deliciously festive, it’s the top note in our scented candle.

image-scented image-scented-ontheright

Your new holiday classic

The most magical time of the year is when our home really shines. All dressed up for the festive season in wreaths, candles and, of course, the tree — it’s where the celebrations take place.

Whilst key colours like rich reds, evergreens, and topaz-gold are in abundance in our holiday bouquet collection, expect to be delighted by accents of modern festive colours like champagne, blush-pink, maroon, and violet.


‘Tis the season to redefine festive style

The modern way to dress your home for the festive season starts with flowers that shimmer in festive colours. Our new ceramic vase is designed to complement the sumptuous colours of the holiday collection. Whether you dot mini vases of single stems throughout your space, welcome in good tidings with a hand-made floral wreath, or have a bouquet as the guest of honour at your table, fresh flowers usher in a contemporary festive style by the sleigh load.

Expect the unexpected in THE GIFT OF STYLE. bloomon’s holiday bouquet collection is here to celebrate the season with you.