The 5 best flower care tips for this summer

The 5 best flower care tips for this summer

Simple tips for longer lasting flowers this summer

No matter the weather, your bouquet always needs a little TLC: changing the water frequently, cutting the stems, removing leaves. But as it gets warmer, your bouquet needs extra care. Anton, our style direcvtor, shares the best ways to keep your flowers fresh, so you get to enjoy them at home for longer!


1. Make sure they have enough water

Just like us, flowers need to 'drink' more during the summer heat. On top of this, water tends to evaporate faster when it’s warm, leading to depleted vase water levels — and thirsty flowers!

Flower care: keep your flowers looking fresh and hydrated, make sure your vase is always ⅓ full with clean water.


2. Clean, drinkable vase water!

Hot weather speeds up bacteria growth in your vase, turning it cloudy and the bottom of your stems slimy — yuck. These conditions make for unhappy flowers.

Flower care: In warmer weather, refresh your vase water more frequently: every other day, instead of every 3 days. Anton, our floral stylist, suggests to “use lukewarm water. There’s less oxygen in it, reducing bacteria growth by around 85%."


3. Too much sun is no fun

We love it when the sun is out, but your flowers prefer to shine in the shade. Anton adds that “when it’s hot, moisture in the flowers’ petals and leave evaporates quickly. Direct sunlight then causes them to ‘burn’ and dry out."

Flower care: be conscious of where you put your bouquet at home. If it’s a super sunny, think about moving it somewhere cooler at night. This helps them last.


4. A cool, consistent temperature

We’ve all done it — left all the windows shut when we go to work, leading to a pretty toasty welcome home later on, only to open all the windows to cool it down, pronto. Warm or yo-yo-ing temperatures cause flowers to perish faster. Especially lilies, peonies, irises and gladioli that don’t withstand heat as well.

Flower care: think of putting your flowers in a sheltered spot, keeping them away from open windows and draughty doors. Avoid blasting the air conditioning to cool a room quickly, too.


5. A fresh trim

You can help channel your flowers’ energy to the flower heads by removing some of the extra leaves on the stem — this also creates cleaner lines in your arrangement an accentuates the the flowers.

Flower care: Remember to keep your stems hydrated by re-trimming your stems whenever you change the water. Remove extra leaves to let those flowers shine — with leafy stems like Eustoma (lisianthus), Celosia, chrysanthemums.

Refreshed your summer flower care memory? Enjoy the sun. And your flowers, of course!