The 4 most beautiful places to elope in Europe

The 4 most beautiful places to elope in Europe

Dream destination wedding locations

Wedding season is in full swing, and this summer’s tropical temperatures have stoked the fires of love. The most popular wedding trend? Eloping! Couples are opting for intimate and romantic wedding locations over bank-breaking parties attended by long-lost relatives.

Do you want to escape to a magical place with the person of your dreams? We’ve found the most beautiful wedding destinations in Europe that you won’t find on every list. Spread the love!

“I don’t believe in magic”, the young boy said.

The old man smiled.

“You will, when you see her.”

– Atticus, poet

1. Benagil Cave, Algarve, Portugal


Elope to the cave of Benagil. Sunshine, salty air, pearl-white sand beneath your feet, and Mother Nature’s most beautiful canopy — a grand dome of limestone where the light leaks through in rays, especially at sunrise and sunset. If your style is bohemian chic, this Portugues beach is the wedding location of your dreams. We can already picture a fresh-flower archway and petal-lined aisle in the sand.

2. Giardino di Ninfa, Italy

Renato Deas

Once upon a time, there was a real-life fairytale world: The garden of Ninfa. This whimsical floral garden is located in a medieval town just south of Rome. You’ll promise yourselves to each other under the watch of Japanese cherry trees, magnolia, and wisteria surrounded by ancient ruins from a bygone era. The perfect place to elope. Tutti amori!

3. Menlo Castle, Galway, Ireland

Mark McGaughey

Found your knight in shining armour? All you need is a castle fit for a princess. Look no further than Menlo Castle. Ireland offers more than three thousand castles, but Menlo is a rare gem. Dating back to the 16th century and located on the banks of Corrib River, it’s almost completely covered in flowering vines as if nature is reclaiming it. Fancy a fall wedding? Walk the long tree-lined driveway to the castle where beautiful autumn colours surround you.

4. Giacomo E Filippo, Urbino, Italy


Set against the vineyards of Marche, Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo is a thing of fantasy. We can’t think of a more romantic setting to dress up with fresh flowers for a wedding. The 360-hectare grounds are part of UNESCO World Heritage, and the quaint 14th-Century castle is the icing on the (wedding) cake. Bonus: toast your big day with the divine wine of the region.

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