The 2019 summer flower guide: what’s in your bouquet?

The 2019 summer flower guide: what’s in your bouquet?

Key stems in our summer bouquet designs and tips to make them last!

Summer’s in bloom! Our seasonal bouquets are bursting with bombastic colour, outlandish shapes, and tropical statements. Here’s what to look forward to in your vase this plus summer flower care tips to make them last in warm weather.



Nickname: Larkspur, Knight's spur

Family: Ranunculaceae (buttercup)

Delphiniums get their name from delphis , Greek for ‘dolphin’, because the nectary looks like a dolphin's fin. In floriography , delphiniums represent a carefree spirit. There are over 400 different varieties — some are ‘true blue’, which is pretty rare!

Flower care: Remember, always wash your hands after cutting delphinium stems. Cut the stems and refresh your vase water every three days (more often if it’s hot. Warm weather turns the water murky faster — and dirty water doesn't help flowers stay fresh!).



Nickname: Lobster-claws, Toucan peak

Family: Heliconiaceae (vines)

Heliconia is a cousin to bananas, gingers, and Strelitzia (bird of paradise). ‘Heliconia’ refers to Mt Helicon in Greece, the fabled home of the Muses. Heliconias are very long lasting your vase, reflecting the Muses, who are said to be eternally youthful. Heliconia ‘flowers’ are actually modified leaves and bracts that protect the true flowers and nectar inside!

Flower care: Like all your flowers, cut the stem and put in clean water as soon as possible after delivery.



Nickname: Desert Candle, Foxtail lily

Family: Asphodelaceae

Eremurus comes from the Greek eremia , meaning ‘desert’ and oura , meaning ‘tail’. Its two common names are a mix of both root words: desert candle and foxtail lily! One species, Eremurus robustus , can grow over 3 metres high, making it one of the tallest flowers on the planet!

Flower care: Give your flowers some oomph to bloom, by adding a sachet of flower food. Only add flower food once, when your bouquet first arrives. The combo of too much flower food and summer weather wilts flowers faster!



Nickname: Cockscomb

Family: Amaranthaceae

Celosia reminds us of coral at the bottom of the ocean, but the name comes from the Greek kḗleos , meaning ‘burning’. Look out for Celosia ‘Turbo XXL’ in our bouquets for the first time ever — an exotic giant variety of Celosia cristata .

Flower care: Celosia is fungi and bacteria sensitive, which can cause the ‘comb’ to flop. Make sure to thoroughly wash your vase with soap when you refresh the vase water every 2-3 days.



Nickname: Turmeric

Family: Zingiberaceae (ginger)

The striking Curcuma longa flower isn’t quite as famous as its root: turmeric. The golden spice, widely used in Southeast Asian cooking and medicine, comes from the plant’s rhizome — an underground root system. Curcuma rhizomes look similar to ginger, the most well-known of the Zingiberaceae family!

Flower care: with the right care, Curcuma should bloom for 2-3 weeks. Remember the ornamental Curcuma in your vase is not for consumption.



Nickname: Love-lies-bleeding, tassel flower

Family: Amaranthaceae

In ancient Aztec rituals, amaranthus was a sacred grain and food. Today, it’s beloved in floristry and blooms from mid-summer to first frost. Whilst amaranth originates in Central America, its name derives from amárantos , meaning ‘unfading’ in Greek — lucky for you, its vase life lives up to the name!

Flower care: Keep your bouquet out of all-day, direct sunlight. The heat the light creates cause flowers wilt more quickly.



Nickname: Breadseed poppy

Family: Papaveraceae

Although Papaver somniferum is known as the opium poppy, ornamental varieties, like the one in your bloomon bouquet barely contain trace amounts of opium. The incredible seed capsule is what’s left behind after the flower blooms — some grow as big as a golf ball! Look out for Papaver Giganteum and new-to-bloomon Papaver ‘Hen and Chicken’ in your summer bouquet!

Flower care: Papaver seed capsules make excellent dried flowers. Dry upside down in a warm, dry place for best results.

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