That's a wrap! A recap of bloomon’s 2018

That's a wrap! A recap of bloomon’s 2018

The wrapping up of the year signals that it’s almost time for new beginnings as we look ahead to a future in full bloom. What better time to look back at 2018 and what a year it was! We focused our energy on you — our beloved community of flower fans. That’s why we launched so many new products.

We’d like to celebrate it together with you, so read on to relive some of the key moments that made 2018 special plus fun bloomon facts that’ll blow your mind.

The facts:

  1. The #bloomon has been used 64,319 times and counting.
  2. The community’s all-time favourite flowergram of 2018 was:
  1. Over 3,500 different stems used in our 2018 bouquet designs that change weekly.

  2. Our community’s most beloved stem of 2018 was the:
    Gladiolus nanus

  3. Our rarest, most unique flower in our bouquets this year was the:
    Oncidium orchid
    The first and only orchid used in our bouquets (so far).

  4. 2018’s most popular bloomon bouquet was:

This one, from our New Romantics collection


  1. The favourite bouquet collection of our community was:
    Our winter 2018 collection, FLOW that took inspiration from the Japanese philosophy ikigai and the first, fresh blooms of the new year.


  1. Top 3 flower card facts:
  • Celosia plumosa is cultivated as a vegetable in West Africa, India, and South America because of its protein-rich leaves. The leaves are cooked in everything from soups to curries and is even nicknamed ‘Lagos spinach’ in Nigeria!
  • Eremurus — nicknamed desert candles — are known for their tall plumes. One species, Eremurus robustus, can grow over three-metres making it one of tallest flowers on earth. Eremurus roots are also the most otherworldly we’ve ever seen — like something right out of Alien! Seriously, Google it.
  • Rosehip played an integral part in WWII and religion. Twenty times higher in Vitamin-C than oranges, berries of the rose prevented the onset of Scurvy in British soldiers at a time when citrus was hard to come by. And, in ancient times, rose hips were thought to be sacred. They were strung together to be used as prayer beads. Hence the name ‘rosary beads’.

Key moments

We launched in France!

This year, bloomon started delivering bouquets in the land of baguettes, haute cuisine, and now, flowers! This means we now deliver happiness in six countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and France!


Webshop: Now open

This year, we launched several new floral-inspired products available through your account in our new webshop. You can purchase ceramic vases, mini vases, a Style Set that helps prune and style flowers, a delectably-scented candle: No.04 Joie Floral in collaboration with Marie-Stella-Maris, and an exclusive Kastehelmi vase in collaboration with Iittala.

We popped up in a few places

2018: the year of bloomon pop-ups! We popped up in cities like Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam offering workshops, some of our new products, and tips and styling tricks from our floral stylists.
pop-ups pop-ups2

They caught us on film

We got coined as the ‘Netflix of flowers’ by the Financial Times, who made a neat video about how we revolutionised the way to deliver flowers for better, longer-lasting freshness! And we were highlighted as a startup to watch in PayPal’s video about our blooming business model.

What do our flowers have to do with code? Everything! Honeypot captured how our team turn computer code into the fresh flowers that get delivered to you in this video .

It’s been an action-packed year and we can’t wait to share with you what’s in store for 2019. It’s going to be a year full of floral surprises!