Summer flower guide

Summer flower guide

We know: everyone is crazy about peonies. But the height of summer brings a new wave of blooms that transform with the season. This is prime time for growers, when the brightest stems are available. For our summer collections, look for key colours including fuchsia, yellow, and cream white, with dusty salmon, blues, and purples thrown in as accents. Here’s what looks good this summer.

1. Rose Almas. Dusty pink on the outside, champagne on the inside. This beauty starts small and really fills out nicely with an alluring fragrance to match.

2. Leucospermum nutans . These extoic stems are a feast for the senses. Discovered in South Africa, no bouquet is boring with the Leucospermum.

3. Sunflower. Synonymous with Van Gogh, the Helianthus Annuus dates back to the 16th century when Spanish explorers brought the seeds America. Let there be light.

5. Aconitum napellus . Usually called the “monk’s hood”, these attractive beauties are prized for their spike-like inflorescences and showy blue petals.

6. Zantedeschia ‘Treasure’ . Commonly known as a Cally Lily, this stem’s vibrant red-orange colour will hopefully remind you that for every sunset, there’s a sunrise.

7. Gladiolus ‘Purple Mate’ . The rebel flower. Starting from the bottom, gladiolus creating a long line of blooms upwards, and traditionally represent perseverance and inner strength.

8. Astilbe ‘Erica’. A creation or descendant of a garden Ronsdorf, Germany, This shade-loving stem is a bold, bright statement in gardens across the island, and in bloomon bouquets.

9. Rose ‘Pink Floyd’ . Named after one of England’s most successful rock bands, this flower’s popularity is barely 60 years old. And just like it’s namesake, this Rose is modern, daring, and dazzling.