Summer saviours: 5 ways to make flowers last longer

Summer saviours: 5 ways to make flowers last longer

Summer is here at last and, a bit like us, flowers need a helping hand to keep their cool in this warm weather.

With a riot of seasonal flowers at their best over the next couple of months you can expect your bouquets to burst into bloom in no time at all. But once your flowers are in full show-off mode, how do you keep them looking fresh-faced for days?

We asked our stylist Anton for his top tips on how we can help flowers last longer in warm weather, and he didn’t disappoint. Follow his expert tips and tricks to ensure maximum enjoyment from your bunch of beauties:

  1. The higher temperatures outside mean water evaporates more quickly. Combat this by adding extra water to your vase to keep stems cool and hydrated over the course of the day.

  1. Bad news: Heat encourages bacteria growth, which leads to cloudy water and unhappy flowers. Good news: There’s an easy fix. Simply change your flowers’ water more often and clean the vase regularly to avoid a build up.

  1. Cut flowers deteriorate quickly in sunshine. Popping them in a cool, shadowy spot = a longer life for your flower friends.

  1. A lack of fresh air can stifle stems. If temperatures soar then you might want to open up doors and windows. Keep your vase in a sheltered spot though, as flowers (especially roses) aren’t too keen on a draught and can fade fast if over exposed to one.

  1. Keeping flowers in a consistently hot room is a sure way to shorten their lifespan. Show dedication to those bud(die)s of yours and move them to a cool, dark spot overnight. Think a sheltered balcony or a breezy basement.

Anton’s parting words of advice? Don’t forget to thoroughly enjoy your flowers during warm weather, because they will naturally flourish more quickly in the heat.