Step into our revamped floral shop: which style suits you best?

Step into our revamped floral shop: which style suits you best?

Our renewed floral shop is just a feast for the eyes: well stocked with the most beautiful floral designs in various styles. From our popular Original bouquet to our brand-new Flowerstone: we offer so many options, picking your favourite won’t be easy…. Discover which style suits you ór the person you like to sending flowers to.


Compact in size. Big in style.

If you’re looking for a bouquet to make a small space cosy or a bouquet with less height, then the Pixie is absolutely for you. This bouquet is filled with fresh seasonal flowers, has a round shape and the stems are on average 16” in height. Making this the perfect bouquet for the coffee table in the sitting room, as a centrepiece on the dining table or on a stack of books in the bedroom. Our charming Pixie makes every spot cosier!

Ideal vase: About 8” high and with a neck of about 6” wide, giving every flower some space to shine.


Playful and breezy, a real icon.

Are you searching for an eye-catcher? Our Original is our most popular bouquet and is bursting with blossoming energy that can fill any room. Original likes to go up, making it excellent to gracefully shine as a centrepiece on a table or kitchen island. This bouquet has a breezy style and is filled with the best seasonal flowers in different colours and textures. Tip: place this bouquet standalone, free from any walls, it needs its space to shine.

Ideal vase: About 11” high and with a neck of about 7” wide, allowing sufficient space to create a playful and light floral arrangement.


Flashy, luxurious and stylish.

Want to get that wow-factor in your home or spoil someone else with blossoming happiness? Then this is the bouquet for you! The Deluxe knows how to impress with long, outspoken stems that playfully stick above the other flowers and add instant-glam. Perfect for light and open interiors: an outspoken entry in the hallway, as a centrepiece on a large table or the ideal eye-catcher by the sofa. This luscious and extravagant bouquet is filled with the best seasonal flowers that you just can’t take your eyes of; no flower is the same!

Ideal vase: 13” high and with a neck of about 8” wide.


Artistic and contemporary

From a wide, lush bouquet to a high bouquet with several eye-catchers: Atelier is different every time, in shape and height, but always filled with unique flowers in a refined colour palette. These artistic masterpieces will fit in an interior where they have all the room to be seen, like on the dining table or a pedestal in the hallway. Compliments guaranteed.

Ideal vases: Especially for Atelier-designs, we’ve curated a vase-set of three stylish vases. This way, you’ll always have the right design for each design.

  • The bullet vase(ø 7“ x 14” in high, diameter neck: 4”)
  • The laboratory vase (ø 9” x 8” high, diameter neck: 6”)
  • De cilinder vase (ø 4” x 10” high, diameter neck: 4.5”)


Deluxe dried flowers on a pedestal.

Do you, or the person whom you want to gift flowers, love pure shapes, materials and nude colours? Then our Flowerstone is your best pick; it’s the floral must-have and ultimate asset for each interior. Place the Flowerstone as a statement piece on the cupboard or as an art object on a stack of books by the sofa. The ceramic pedestal and the deluxe dried flowers in a soft, nude colour palette will perfectly match a minimal interior but will also look incredible in an industrial home.


The most beautiful dried flowers lined up.

By the window sill, in the bookcase or on your desk: Flowergram can be placed in any spot where regular vases won’t fit. The wooden platform has nine insert holes for your dried flowers, and we create a new design each season. Have you seen our exclusive Sunflower edition? This design with dried sunflowers and grasses is designed in collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum. Watch here how the design came about.

Treat yourself or surprise someone else

In our renewed floral shop you can pick your favourite design. Order the one you love for the one you love or for yourself. Check our floral shop now to see which designs are available! Not only do we now have a fully stocked floral shop, we still offer our familiar subscription service and our gift card.

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