Spring: get blossoming vibes in your home

Spring: get blossoming vibes in your home

Go with the spring-flow

Spring, it’s just moments away, is the season when everything gets a fresh start. From all sides of life, you’ll be challenged to try new things. We’ve made some of those changes a bit easier for you to get you ready for what’s to come. Just go with the spring-flow with these tips.

1. Restyle your interior

Spring is the season to take another look at your interior. Open your windows and let in the fresh air, literally and figuratively. Get some green in your home and experiment with new styles.

2. Improve your floral arrangement skills

Spring fever makes your hands itching to create new things, right? Why not improve your floral arrangement skills and become a pro! Floral arrangement is like art. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. But to make sure that your bouquet is the shining centrepiece that it should be, we’ve got some clever tips and tricks for you. You can see in our blog how to get started about flower arrangement. So, let the styling-fiesta begin.

3. Get to know your flowers a bit better

Splashes of colour, excentric shapes and fresh scents: every flower has its own qualities. Want to know more about those colourful beauties in your bouquet? From its origin to its symbolism and from arranging-tips to tricks to make your flowers last longer. You can read all about it, just click here for our flower library