Spicy colours and 70's vibes: this is our Fall Collection

Spicy colours and 70's vibes: this is our Fall Collection

It's autumn! The season which brings the most magical colours along with it, and when we rediscover our homes. We'd like to introduce you to our new Fall Collection: made to ignite all your hearts. We have the most beautiful statement stems in a range of spicy colours for your living room or home office. This is what you can expect from us in the coming weeks...

70’s vibes and spicy colours

Get your vases ready for flaming statements, because this year our Fall Collection is all about large, flamboyant bunches in warm, spicy colours. We were inspired by the 1970s: when warm walnut and darker shades were very ‘en vogue’. Warm colours such as burgundy red, ocher and golden tones breath wonderful energy and life into any room. The round, soft shapes of the seventies are also reflected in our designs.

bloomon Call collection

Style Director Anton van Duijn: “Luxurious dried flowers in combination with fresh seasonal flowers provide an exciting contrast. Our designs are filled with true fall favourites such as dreamy dahlias, dried poppies, hanging amaranthus and fiery celosia.”

bloomon Fall collection

Edition Fall

The statement design of this season is the Edition – an extravagant bunch in a camel-coloured palette: filled to the brim with luxurious autumn flowers. Dream away with imposing Chrysanthemums, velvety soft roses, the impressive Anigozanthos and more! A special vase is available for this design.

bloomon Fall Collection

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