Special seasonal flowers to evoke the summer feeling

Special seasonal flowers to evoke the summer feeling

Summer is upon us. Sink into your garden chair, feel the sun on your skin and the grass between your toes. And let yourself be seduced by these eye-catching summer stems:


Familiy: Amaryllidaceae

The African lily is a real showstopper. This usually white or blue flower captivates us with its dramatic spherical flowerhead, from which dozens of small flowers grow. The African lily is a popular guest at weddings, which makes sense since she is also known as the 'flower of love'. In the past, the fleshy roots of the plant were dried and then used as necklaces which were a symbol of love and fertility.

agapanthus bloomon


Family: Araceae

The Anthurium (flamingo plant) is full of surprises. You may not expect it, but that elongated spike protruding from the heart-shaped bract is actually the flower. It is thanks to its exotic looks that it was given the nickname flamingo plant. Fun fact: this striking beauty also has the longest shelf life of all cut flowers.

anthurium bloomon


Family: Asteraceae

This cheerful flower is not only a joy to look at, but it also has a medicinal effect. The flower has been used for centuries as a general immune system booster. Echinacea flowers are very popular with butterflies and bees who just love the easily accessible nectar.

echineae bloomon


Family: Asphodelaceae

With its fiery red appearance, the tropical Kniphofia (Red hot poker is a stand-out beauty in any vase. The Kniphofia originates from Africa and is also known as red hot poker. Although the stem resembles a poker, it doesn't grow as straight as one. The flower actually bends with the sun – just like a tulip.

Kniphofia bloomon


Family: Strelitziaceae

This special and colourful flower got her nickname thanks to its resemblance to birds of paradise. Strelitzia was originally captured by Franz Bauer, the very first botanist. His drawings of flowers are so remarkably detailed - they are really worth looking up.

strelitzia bloomon
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