Splash! - Summer 2017

Splash! - Summer 2017

Our new summer collection launches today! Over the next seven weeks – and bouquets – we’ll be bringing you the smells of the summer. Is it time to throw yourself back into dating? Let down your defences and commit? Change your career? Move house? Pull out a rabbit from your hat and Splash! into summer.

Here’s our salute to summer. Splash! is the first of two summer collections coming to your homes this season, available for order through July 30. It will inspire you to boldly go where you’ve never gone before – with the power of flowers.

This collections is all about letting your hair down, ignoring the rules, and going after what you want. Time waits for no one. And the time is now.

Khakis and chinos are in – and we have the flowers to match. Micro floral and collage-on-collage patterns are all the rage – and they’re ideal for summer weddings and garden parties. While wicker baskets are this season’s must-have handbags. So put away the Prada, ditch the Dior, and dare to go au naturel . Think: potent pops of colour and cool whites, bright sunrises and sweet blue nights.

Never worn cowboy boots? They’re also making their comeback (yee-hah) and are stomping footwear for festival-goers. Unless, of course, you’re off to Glastonbury in which case we’d recommend wellies (Floral wellies, right?).

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be filling your bouquets with kitsch old-fashioned roses, exotic delphiniums, Lilies, tropical grasses, and – because you asked – a peony or two.