Show me the flowers! A peek into the homes of influential flower fans

Show me the flowers! A peek into the homes of influential flower fans

Floral masterpieces in the kitchen, hall and dining room

Your home tells your story, and a home without flowers is like a book without a title. Because our fall bouquet collection COSY is all about warming home comforts and chic interiors, we talked with some flower-loving influencers so that they could share their personal bouquet styling tips. Take it away Jantina, Angelique, Céline and Suzanne!

Jantina de Vries

Instagram : @Jan10aa

"If the garden has something beautiful to offer, my mother will cut rustic-looking branches or fresh flowers to showcase in a vase — the rest of the year, she gets her flowers from the florist. Like my mother, I chose more wild-looking flowers and branches to arrange rather than tightly-bound bouquets.

“Our interior is pretty basic in terms of colours: mostly shades of white because I never get tired of it. The flowers bring colour to our home. They also stand out even more because of the white interior. Real compliments!"

Branch out

"Fall is the best season to sit inside near the fireplace. I often buy beautiful branches, and with four children there is always someone who comes home with a beautiful autumnal handicraft of chestnuts or leaves in the most beautiful autumn colors.

“It is always a tough job to arrange a fresh bouquet nicely. I first check the flowers accurately, then I arrange them, rearrange them one more time, turn the vase, rearrange it once more, turn it one more time and... yes, rearrange it once again."

Angelique van den Reek

Instagram : @lieks_home
Website : lieks-home.nl

"Flowers are indispensable, this is something I’ve learned from my mother. A stunning bouquet makes our house feels like home. The interior changes throughout the season, and so do the flowers. Nothing is more fun than playing with stems — separating them into small vases or just arranging them all in a large vase. That’s the way to make your interior look different every time without a lot of effort or money.”

Sweater weather

"I love fall. Soft sweaters; long strolls in the woods with the golden sun on your face and all the leaves in the most beautiful colours are just stunning! I want to translate that feeling to the items in my interior with candles, soft plaids, fluffy socks and rugs in warm tones.

“My favourite spot in our home is the dining table. It's a large table where we hang out with friends and family — the place to be for fresh flowers! By putting the flowers in a large vase, it invites you to sit there. "


Instagram : @idoitmyself.be
Website : idoitmyself.be

"Flowers create a good vibe at home — they bring warmth. In addition, they are interchangeable decorative pieces. I love the warmth of fall — the cocooning on the couch during cosy nights in. The autumnal colours of the leaves and flowers create a warm feeling inside, which we lose outside."

The heart of the home

"I arrange my flowers exactly as bloomon explains: I build a strong frame by placing the stems crossed in the vase. Then, I add volume — I love that! Usually, you can find my bouquet on the dining table, the beating heart of my home. It’s the place where everyone comes together to chat, eat, and relax."

Suzanne de Jong

Instagram : @ensuus
Website : ensuus.nl

"I especially like to play with seasonal colours or accent colours from my interior — it makes my home a lot happier and cosier. Usually, I place a large bouquet or loose branches centrally on the cooking island or on the dining table as a statement."

Cushy comforts

"For me, fall stands for cosiness, warmth and atmosphere — that's why I combine the colours of a fall bouquet with home accessories in warm tones of red, pink and orange. Think cushions and warm plaids on the couch, and, of course, candles and tealights!

“I like to create a layered look in a bouquet, so I consciously put the longer stems at the back. For example; I’ve put the lanterns in the front of this bouquet to create a dynamic vibe. I always check whether the flowers are well distributed in terms of colour, and I love that the cool hue of the vase creates a nice contrast with the warm vibrancy of the flowers."

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