Share the happiness, invite your friends!

Share the happiness, invite your friends!

bloomon's referral programme

You know what they say: the only thing better than a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers is a free bouquet of fresh-cut flowers!

Can’t get enough of bloomon? Share your happiness with anyone who will listen, and you’ll receive a free bouquet each time someone joins bloomon using your referral code.

We’ll also give your friends a present: our hand-blown vase, made from 100% recycled glass, to go with their first delivery!

It takes seconds…

  1. Log into your Personal Account
  2. Click on ‘Invite Friends’
  3. Share your personal link by clicking on the Facebook, Twitter, and email icons — or copy and paste it to share on other platforms like Whatsapp
  4. You can always just memorise your referral code, so you can share it with your friends at that dinner next Friday. It’s super easy to remember, we promise! Alternatively, jot it down.


How do you get your free bouquets?

You can see how many people have used your referral code in your Personal Account. Just click on ‘Invite Friends’.

Free bouquet credits can be redeemed whenever you want. Schedule a delivery for the following week, next month, or save your free bouquet for later – it’s totally up to you!

How do your friends get a free vase?

Giving is better than receiving, they say. When you get a free bouquet for every person invited, everyone you've invited will get a free vase for signing up.

All they have to do to get their welcome gift is follow your magic link to make their first order or enter your personal referral code when signing up (Step 4 ‘Payment’).

Make someone’s day brighter by sharing our flowers with them! Let’s spread the happiness together. One friend at a time.